5-Axis CNC Automation: Non-Standard Standard Design Change, Programmed in Minutes!

5-Axis CNC Automation: Non-Standard Standard Design Change, Programmed in Minutes!


Referred to us by a Machine Tool partner.

Customer’s Market:

Custom Manufacturing supplier

Customer’s Goal:

The customer that wanted to take their manual method of manufacturing their product and put it into a 5 axis CNC machine.  The part family is very complex and very broad.


To use proven data and processes, retain the high quality of the product.  Allow for design customization of product to end-user’s requirements (non-standard standards).

Capture the knowledge of the experienced machinists that are reaching retirement age and apply that knowledge as standard practices to the new orders as they produced.

The Silverhawk Solution:

Driven by design data Silverhawk delivered a True Design through manufacture solution.  The customer selects the part number from a drop-down list, answers a few questions, then the system takes over.

The part is designed in 3D, presented to the user for approval, then upon approval it is passed to the CAM system.  The part is loaded into the virtual machine, tools are selected, tool path is applied. The part is fully simulated with full machine kinematics and presented to the Customer.  Once approved 100% clean CNC code is generated and place for the machine to use.


A system which covers the whole product line.

Design to Manufacture in less than 10 minutes.

Being able to hire good machinists not a specialist for the field.   Liberating top skilled worker to focus on other projects, not standard production.

Time frame: – Since they have this system they are looking to purchase more machines

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Replacing system for system is not enough, you must revolutionize the way the customer works, to provide him an exceptional return on his investment. Then support them with outstanding customer service, building a lasting relationship.

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