Design to Manufacture Automation: Just a Couple of Clicks Between Design and the Shop Floor

Design to Manufacture Automation: Just a Couple of Clicks Between Design and the Shop Floor


Referred to us by Our CAD partner.

Customer’s market:

Custom Furniture Design and Manufacture – this manufacturing company designs custom parts for their market.

Customer’s goal:

Our client was looking to automate their process, from design through manufacture.  They have automated the design portion of the product delivery, now they want to continue automating through to the shop floor. These designs are very specific to each of their customers. Each assembly is detailed specifically for their customer’s product and can vary in size and complexity.


Driven with the current assembly file from their CAD product, it must be as automated as possible, efficiently nesting parts and material. The nests must be optimally placed and arranged on the machine per the machine layout; then allowing for their manufacturing processes to be applied to each manufacturing feature and part.

The Silverhawk Solution:

After a nesting product was selected, Silverhawk worked with the product to ensure it met the customer’s requirements. The primary requirement was to stay in a solid assembly in order to maintain design intent.

Silverhawk developed logic to review the individual nested parts and match them to the machine layout, based on material specifications.

The data and the solid models were then passed to the CAM system.

Once the first machine layout was defined; individual manufacturing features were identified per part. The customer’s proven manufacturing processes were applied and a 100% clean CNC code was generated.

This process was repeated until all of the parts had been processed.


All of the requirements were fulfilled, and our client was impressed with the results. They admitted to us that they did not think the outcome was possible when the project started. Our client is now in control of the processes and can make improvements if they desire. 

Silverhawk takes pride in giving our clients the knowledge to maintain and improve their system.

The interaction through the system was minimal. The user launched the solution and reviewed the final results.

The outcome reduced the Design through Manufacture processing time by 95%! 

Our client gained consistency, quality and practically eliminated their set-up times.

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