FactoryWiz Automation: Monitoring Main Production Facility with Ease

FactoryWiz Automation: Monitoring Main Production Facility with Ease

Product: FactoryWiz

One of our strategic tooling vendors had been working with this client and referred them to Silverhawk.

Client’s goal:

The client was trying to get a handle on their machining environment. They wanted to know how productive their machines were. The tool vendor knew the benefits of FactoryWiz and that Silverhawk had extensive expertise with the software, so he was happy to bring us together.


The client was receiving good reporting on the floor and good reporting through managers, but it was always after the fact. Finding out whether you made money or not, after a job was completed, is certainly not a good situation to be in.

The client was also getting reports that they were at 150% capacity. This presented a quandary – should they purchase new machines, add more personnel and more floor space, etc? These were critical questions that needed concrete answers moving forward.

The Silverhawk Solution:

Silverhawk implemented the FactoryWiz Monitoring into the client’s main production facility with relative ease. Silverhawk also installed tablets at the machine so the operators could interface with management; and input the idle reasons. We also installed displays on the floor so shop operators knew what was going on and they could report back issues they were having, yet it avoided a “Big Brother” watching effect that can be detrimental to morale.

The client became more aware of what was happening at all times and could respond quickly to any condition that may delay or hinder production. Once installed, to their pleasant surprise, the client realized they still had plenty of machine capacity available.


The client is extremely happy and looks forward to continuing on in its relationship with Silverhawk. In fact, they are implementing FactoryWiz in other facilities!

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