Mark Lumber Presents a Gift to Silverhawk Solutions

Mark Lumber Presents a Gift to Silverhawk Solutions

MÄRK LUMBER, a company originating from the harshest Canadian winters, brings a rugged attitude to the manufacturing of its professional grade Hard-Maple bats. Built off a passion for hitting, each bat is refined, authentic and durable – perfectly engineered and tailored to provide the ideal fit for each hitter. Confidence. Strength. Power

Mark knew he needed help with his CNC software. He knows how to turn a baseball bat but not how to fix the problem his machine was having. Mark was having difficulty with his files not converting, he searched out Silverhawk Solutions and found the help he needed.

Steve Harrison, the owner of Silverhawk walked Mark thru the problems with his machine, and created a post processor to give him added power to his machine.

To show his gratitude for the great support he received from Silverhawk, Mark made Steve a baseball bat. Baseball and bats have been in Mark’s life since he was 4 years old, so to give someone one of his baseball bats, shows a great deal to what Mark thinks of this person/company.

Silverhawk is proud to own one of Mark Bourgeois’ baseball bats.

THANKS MARK! For the baseball bat and the vote of confidence in Silverhawk’s CAM/CAD expertise.

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