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While visiting companies in the Carolinas, we visited one who had Machine Tool Monitoring.  They had approximately 30 machines, in 3 different facilities.  The manager without prompting took us to the system, he showed us the display of all the machines in the facility.

Quickly you could see the machines status, most of them were in the GREEN and running. He noted 2 machines that were on setup, and 1 machine who was having small issues with  tooling.  He knew what was going on and how to deploy his resources.

He quickly flipped to the other facilities with the same result; he could tell immediately the status of his production.

He then started telling us that he could see historically how they were doing compared to the current time frame (continuous improvement).

We asked were they able to justify process updates based on factual data, not opinions?

He said in the first year alone they realized a 900 hour gain in machine production time!

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