Fortune 250 Company Chooses Edgecam For Swiss Machines

Fortune  250  Company Chooses Edgecam For Swiss Machines



A large Fortune 250 company, is moving to Edgecam for programming the Swiss machines.

For the production machining market Edgecam solutions combine the power of sophisticated tool path generation with seamless CAD integration.  Used globally within a multitude of industries, Edgecam consistently produces high quality tool paths to ultimately improve productivity.

There has been a default CAM solution for Swiss which was presumed to be the only and best way to program a Swiss machine.  Not so anymore.

Just a few of the reasons they chose Edgecam:

  • Perpetual license, vs Subscription
  • True Simulation for synchronization on tool path
  • Knowledge based machining
  • True inter-operability with leading Solid CAD formats



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