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A Florida Aerospace company moving further into full integrated programming of their CNC machines has completed a three day training session with one of our applications engineer (AE), with flying colors.

The company requested a custom class through our CAD partner Imaginit Technologies, they turned to their CAM partner Silverhawk Solutions to discuss the customer’s requirements.  A plan was proposed to the customer, and it was just what they were looking for and more…

The session consisted of two days in classroom at Imaginit’s Orlando facility and one day on site at the customer’s facility. The first two days the class worked through their parts, not widgets that are used in standard training. They took the parts from design then into completed processed part by applying advanced tool paths.

These tool paths are far more complex for a person or even some softwares to calculate.  The efficiency of state of the art tool paths reduce the cycle time and increase tool life. Once the tool path is done the CNC code is generated, for their machine! Any post enhancements were made to best match the local format and it is used on the final day of the class at the shop on their machine.

The one day session onsite at the company’s facility reviled a couple of machine specific items that were unseen during the training.  The onsite day allowed for the customer to be productive sooner.

During a follow-up call the Silverhawk AE was told that they were in production. The onsite day made all of the difference to put  into practice what they learned the days before.

The software was taught and demonstrated, but most importantly, working on the customers parts in their facility, on their machines, provided a quick ROI value for the training session. This software gives a highly efficient way to program. Less time programming, less time readjusting the math…the software does this automatically!


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