Post Processor Development

Post Processor Development

A CAM system is only as good as the code it delivers. Silverhawk develops post-processors specific to you and your preferred format, with the added bonus of 90-day post support. We implement your post-processor into production, working with your engineers to suggest improvements for production and ways to reduce downtime, as well as ensure all commands you are receiving is beneficial to you. Silverhawk provides knowledge on the qualification of the post entire machine functionality, not just the commands that are used today, as well as running tests to ensure all commands produce clean code for your machine. Our post team is proficient for all milling configurations, 2.5 axis, 3 axis, 3 + 2 axis, 4 and 5 axis simultaneous, including on-machine probing. Turning can be as straight forward as a 2-axis single spindle, specialized as a Swiss lathe, as complex as a twin spindle 4 turret lathe, with C Y & B axis milling, drilling, tapping and thread milling. We understand and excel in the post-processes of other machines like laser, plasma, water jet and specialized machines. Taking full advantage of the CAM functionality for machine kinematics, allowing for collision detection before the part gets to the production floor. With all of this, we keep you in mind, offering annual postprocessor support contracts as you see fit. 

  • 100% Clean code is the expectation on Post processors!
  • CAM Systems
    • Fusion 360
    • Edgecam
    • SurfCam
    • Inventor HSM
    • HSMWorks
    • Other CAM systems – we can help you negotiate for resolution
  • All work done internal to Silverhawk, no need to go anywhere else
  • 1000’s of posts delivered to the industry
  • Turning:
    • 2 axis lathe single spindle to Multi-Turret – Multi-spindle
    • Mill / Turn using the C, Y and or B axis on the most complex lathes on the market
    • Swiss style lathes
    • Probing for setup or inspection
  • Milling:
    • 2.5 axis, 3 axis, 3+2 axis, full 4 & 5 axis simultaneous
    • Vertical, Horizontal milling machines, single or multiple parts
    • Turn on mill
    • Probing for setup or inspection
  • Router, Laser, Waterjet
  • Industry standard controllers and some not so standard
  • Custom functions / Setup sheets / formats
  • Custom Machine kinematics for collision detection

Replacing system for system is not enough, you must revolutionize the way the customer works, to provide him an exceptional return on his investment. Then support them with outstanding customer service, building a lasting relationship.

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