Due to Silverhawk’s extensive knowledge on CAM and having 40+ years of experience with general manufacturing and process training, we offer various predefined course based trainings upon request. While training onsite at the customer’s facility using their part is preferred, we also offer remote and local training classes for your convenience.

Training Options:

  • Onsite- Our preference, as we are able work with you and your team on your parts and machines
  • Offsite- Local to you or local to us
  • Webbased- Where we are able to share PC screens and keep it interactive
Size of Classes:
  • One on One- Best return on investment
  • Small Group- Up to 6 attendees, still focused on your product and machines
  • Large Group- Over 6 attendees, only use this for meetings or general update training
Type of Class:
  • Custom Training Classes- Our focus, your products are used, and your machines are incorporated
  • Project Based- A new product or advanced process is required, we can work interactively with your team to complete the project
  • Structured Training Classes- Using curriculum and predefined products with generic machines, available on request

Replacing system for system is not enough, you must revolutionize the way the customer works, to provide him an exceptional return on his investment. Then support them with outstanding customer service, building a lasting relationship.

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